Review MOULDKING XB-01001 Silk Zhuang


✔Brand Name: MOULDKING

✔ Item No: XB-01001

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 2767

✔Ages: 7-12 years and above

The inner packaging design is very characteristic. The manual is placed on a Chinese landscape painting substrate. It seems that Star Fortune has paid attention to this product.

The manual is similar to the street view manual. There is a signature on the cover with the surname. Is it the author? The first page of the manual is the author’s profile, and Ningbo’s company seems to be looking for where they are next time. And there is a preview of the next product printed on it, to buy!

The next layer is the building block: the sub-package is very thin, and there are sub-bags, number 1-12. However, this sub-bag mark can be made bigger and more conspicuous. Also, since we have considered the distinction of 69 (the trough, how it sounds so dirty), can we distinguish the distinguishing symbols, and we have seen three different kinds of marks… Fortunately, there are totals under the sub-bag number. The number of packages is, for example, the 29th package of the total package, which can be sorted by this number.

Next is the assembly process, because the time problem is basically a shot after the completion of the number, the background is very messy, let’s take a look:

The No. 1 package is completed, the standard 32*32 unit base plate. The No. 1 package is a paving of the ground. It is recommended to replace the base plate with LEGO. The bottom plate of the domestic brand is not upturned.

The No. 2 package is completed.

Completion of the No. 3 package – continue to build the wall and interior, it seems to be a warehouse and stairs. There is a printed piece of plum blossoms, a classic Chinese element.

The No. 4 package continues, and the warehouse uses the curtain directly. Completed along the street pavement and signboard. Satin ‘s signboard uses stickers. The bare plants on both sides are not very nice, and the fit is poor. There are also 3 half-length models. It is recommended to have an arm. It’s a bit shocking to put on your hands.

The typical Chinese gate is completed. The hinge brick used on the gate is very loose and does not have any damping when rotated. After the completion of the work, the door was opened slightly after moving. Pay attention to the structure of the upper part of the gate here, and modify it in the next bag.

Bag No. 5, the threshold for installing the gate. The tiles made of dark green and golden triangle bricks are very eye-catching, and the whole SET has to be 192 pieces of dark green triangle bricks.

Here I made a small modification: before installing the threshold, I found that each door was only a fixed connection at the bottom, and the connection strength was seriously insufficient. So I found a domestic brick inventory to add a connection point to the wall in the upper part, which enhanced the connection strength of the door. I can’t see it anyway, don’t worry about it.

The 6.7 bag is mainly a horse head wall and a brawl and is also a classic Chinese architectural element. It is not difficult to build. The beasts on the brawl, the bells and even the four-beast embossing on the wall (of course, the beast is only used as a small part) are very carefully restored. It seems that the author has studied a lot of Chinese architecture.

6 The completion of the 7th package means that the first floor of the building is completed, the difficulty is not great, and the assembly process can be described as pleasant.

The No. 8 package started. Who knows that the author’s design style has changed greatly since then, and there has been a continuous spelling of the gods, so that I thought it was misspelled or the manual has a bug (because it has been finished, it is pointed out from the manual). The first is that the 4*2 unit in 8-3 is obviously fixed with no connection to the main part. Although it will be fixed in the later construction process, it is easy to let the player be confused or even lose the case.

8 9 10 Because it is a continuous step, and it is all around the main body of the 2nd floor, it is said directly together. The problem of throwing away the spelling of God is not weak, and the interior design of the 2nd floor is simple and practical. The fitting room, the half-length model, the processing table, etc. are all flexibly reproduced. After the praise is over, let’s talk about the problem. The main spelling problem mentioned above is that the accident in the picture is the balcony handrail here. As you can see from Figure 2 below, there is not enough connection fixing, so I added a layer of white bricks myself.

The 11th bag is the roof of the 2nd floor, no difficulty. No brain straight up. It can be seen from the picture that the injection port of the golden glossy brick is actually too inconspicuous.

The 12th package is the SET’s person and a few gadgets. For this set of people, it is very kind of tasteless: the clothing printing is very characteristic and the details are not bad, but the special painting of the face is really too cottage, it is unsightly. In addition, there are 3 people wearing dresses who are very illegal here. So let’s put a few Chinese costumes on the scene. By the way, there is a cat on the roof, a cottage version of the cat in the typical good friend series.

Summary: This product can be regarded as the conscience of the domestic session a seminal building blocks.

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