Review MOULDKING XB-01101 The China Inn Jewelry Shop Blacksmith Shop Drugstore Set 4 in 1


✔Brand Name: MOULDKING

✔ Item No: XB-01101

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 1505+

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo

A set of 4, so it is a gift box

Open the gift box, there are 4 small boxes (nonsense…)

Keep an eye out for the introduction of the box in English.


Step by step!

The design team is this flute culture.

Section A – Blacksmith Shop

Assembly process

Section B – Drug Shop

The design of the gourd on the building is outstanding.

The sparrow is small and has five organs.

C section – Yuelai Inn

The only one with a three storey building.

D – Jewelry Store

This structure is very special!

Finished multi-faceted photo

to sum up

Full of Chinese style in style,

Friends who like this type of building should be very satisfied

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