Review MOULDKING XB-01110 Suzhou Garden


✔Brand Name: MOULDKING

✔ Item No: XB-01110

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 2000+

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo

A set of 6 models, just a set of boxes

Each of the six differently styled buildings has its own name:

Canglang Pavilion ,

Yuancui Pavilion,

Little Penglai,

Watching the fish pavilion ,

Hibiscus ,

Han Qingting.

Let’s take a look at each one~

A section – Canglang Pavilion


Each section contains a manual and a kit of parts.

Parts are sub-packaged.

B section – Yuan Cui Court

C section – Little Penglai

D section – Guanyu Pavilion

E section – Hibiscus

This structure is full of moc…

6 God fit!

This beautiful Suzhou garden is in sight!

Finished multi-faceted photo

Details section

I don’t have much to say, look at the details.

to sum up

The finished product is really very attractive.

Full of Chinese style,

There is also a special color brought by the garden.

I also feel happy when I look at it!

The structure is basically very stable.

However, there are some “skills” that are common to mocer.

It may bring some minor difficulties to the assembly.

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