Review MOULDKING XB-01202 The New Romantic Heart


✔Brand Name: MOULDKING

✔ Item No: XB-01202

✔Compatible: MOC

✔Pieces: 1500+

✔Ages: 6 years and above

Box photo

The exterior is a villa. What is special is the light group.

Packaging is the highest specification of Star Fort, very tall.

Instruction manual

Parts package

A 32×32 particle bottom plate.

Light group

A total of 3 sets of lights and a USB hub . It is very convenient to use the ordinary charging treasure.

For the sake of protection, of course, it is necessary to test whether the function is normal before use!

Assembly process

There are a total of 6 subcontracts, not many.

The second sub-package is the first floor interior. Pink girl’s heart is strong

The first set of lights is attached to the floor below the second floor. The lamp beads are already attached to the particles, so the assembly is very simple.

Continue to enrich the interior.

You’re done!

International practice, first look at people~

Although the new version of the man is used, the strange style has not changed…

Female characters are normal…

Small animals

There is also a bicycle. (Just used a camera, not used to it, so there are a lot of out of focus, please forgive me!)

Finished multi-faceted photo

The line of the light group can’t be stored at all, so it can only be like this…


Although there are only 1,500 bricks, the details are quite large.

The villa has a small pool.

The open design offers a rich interior.

There are many plants around the villa.

The second floor balcony features a white piano.

There is a skylight on the roof and the sun shines directly into the room.

Second floor bedroom .

There are floor-to-ceiling windows behind the villa, but it is unfortunately blocked by the wires of the lamp group.

Ok, then go to the lighting ceremony! Look at the performance in the darkest environment first~

Looked a lot, yeah!

Next, faint light…

A warm feeling is born…

to sum up

The design of the villa is very open, and the white main color is matched with a series of pink furniture. However, the wiring design of the lamp group is not ideal, and the back side can only be sacrificed.

In terms of design, it may be a relatively early product of Star Fort. In many places in the structure, there is no reinforced design. The wall part is not stable until it is capped, which may cause a little inconvenience in the assembly process. In addition, the roof is designed with too many pieces, which is quite dull when assembled.

The performance of the parts is general, and some parts have some work differences that affect the appearance of the finished product.

However, because this set has a large number of fences, large-size glass pieces, and sloping bricks for roofs, it is quite worthwhile to kill meat. Those who are interested in moc villas can directly use this set to change the magic, saving a little bit of trouble.

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